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My mission as a Florida landscape painter is to record the rural, agricultural lands and trees of my beloved state. Painters are stewards of our history and culture. We record the experiences and lives of our own time. My legacy as a painter is to leave a visual record of the beauty of rural Florida.


How to navigate my web site

To see various painting subjects, click on the site map on the upper left of this page. After you click on site map, you will see a number of white labels to click on, including my painting categories, my collector pages, artist resources, gallery pages and sold paintings. All paintings are for sale unless marked sold. Each painting has a blue paypal link in the text. You may purchase directly from this web site through Pay Pal using your credit card or echeck.

Now is the time to commission a portrait of your favorite tree or landscape subject.

The video about my studio at Paddiwhack Gallery

Check out my video of Fair Oaks, where I am Artist in Residence

How to own Linda Blondheim's Paintings


WHERE IS Linda Now?

April 16-19, 2014
I'm back at my town studio working on some small studies from my Bird Island residency. Stop by for a visit.


Artist in Residence Project

Residency at Crystal River May, 2014- Sponsored by the Daly family.

Invitational Artists Retreat at Fair Oaks in Evinston, FL
October 31 - November 2, 2014

Artists Roster:
Linda Blondheim
Mary Jane Volkmann
Scott Hiestand
Tom Sadler
Sally Evans
Elisabeth Ferber
Cynthia Edmonds
Tim Malles
Randy Pitts
Steve Andrews
Katie Dobson Cundiff

If you would like to sponsor this retreat, please contact


Flying Biscuit
Fair Oaks
Albert and Jane Adair
Pearl Country Store


*My New Studio Location is: 1510 NW 13th Street, Gainesville, FL 32601
(Next to Lloyd Clark Sports)

If you love Florida nature as much as I do, I'd love to meet you.