Fixing up the town studio


Notes From the Town Studio

i spent the morning hanging the vegetable paintings from the challenge. I used an assortment of gold frames and hung six out of the seven I did.  I did some cleaning too and sweeping, so now it looks as good as I can make it.

My friend Ron brought in two frames to give me today. He is one of my regular collectors. He is such a nice man. One is a 16×20 dark espresso with beautiful carving on it.  It needs a lovely garden painting. I will come up with an idea soon.

I made a collage this morning of 25 of the paintings I did in the 30 day painting challenge. It was fun. I’m still working on the panoramic coastal scene I started yesterday.

Stay Positive


Pelican Island Palms

Notes From My Town Studio

I have learned some things in the last couple of years about my career journey as a painter. Last year was tough, but I actually made more than I did in 2013. It’s just that all my big sales came within 6 months, so it seemed like I was going broke but I wasn’t. I fussed a lot about my new studio situation and it is still less than ideal, but the big change has been my outlook. I looked around at other spaces and simply could not afford a better space than I now have. The problems are still there but now that I know I cannot get a better situation, I have turned my attitude about it to the positive and have learned to make the most of what I have.


This is far more important than I ever realized. I have slowly learned that I can change my circumstances with a simple change in the way I see the world. I feel a lot more joy than I used to. I also feel much more gratitude. I have learned to visualize my situations as being what I wish them to be, so that I believe all is wonderful. Life is so much easier that way. I spend more time helping other artists, and being more grateful for my collectors  and friends. I don’t watch the news anymore, instead, I listen to NPR on my way to the studio to get a bit of news but not a diet of it. I focus on what I can do in my own circle of acquaintances to make the world better. I can’t do anything about the need or horrors elsewhere, so I avoid that depressing news. I tend to avoid negative people now and it’s odd, but I seem to attract happier more joyful people than I used to. I wake up every day and say that I will paint well and that I will sell paintings. I sell at least once a week, so that is pretty good.

I hope to continue to work at being a happy and successful painter with a lot less angst!

Adding some fun to the studio


Notes From My Town Studio

I had some fun today getting my painting costume together. A few months ago someone suggested that I need to wear a beret when I paint to give myself flair. A week ago I ran across a pink beret on Amazon, so I couldn’t resist. It arrived a couple of days ago and I brought to the town studio this morning. I bought a colorful pink apron at the gallery and now I am all set to be entertaining when I paint. I will use it to paint in the town studio and when I do demonstrations.  When you get my age you can do fun goofy stuff as a painter and people think it is good fun!

Mobile Gallery


Notes From My Painting Studio

I finished my Mobile Gallery on Saturday. I am encouraged. I had two people ask to see my paintings at a party on Sunday and I had the  gallery with me in the truck. I was able to show them both original paintings. They did not purchase but seemed interested so perhaps they will come to the studio one day to buy. it is very neat and looks professional. I have business cards and a note pad in the flap to take down names and postal addresses. It is super simple to replace paintings in the office protector sleeves.  Keeping it with me wherever I go is so convenient. I sold one of the paintings today via Internet and since it was with me instead of in the town studio, I was able to package the painting, ready for shipping in the morning. I simply replaced it with another painting.  I will soon try it out the next time I’m out painting in public. I have a folding TV table that will be a just right fit.


Mobile Gallery Opened



Notes From My Painting Studio

I finished painting number 27 for this month today. It is one I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks on and off between challenge paintings. I am using it as tomorrow’s challenge, number 27. Only three more challenge paintings to go. It has been a long painting month with that every day session. I would say it has been excellent discipline and excellent time to try out different subjects than my usual theme. I must say I am glad it is coming to a close so that I can get busy on other paintings soon without the pressure to finish something each day.

I will not go back to tweak the small challenge paintings, though of course I could improve them with more time investment, but I usually don’t go back to change little paintings. They are the best I could do with alla prima work and so I don’t want to spend the time investment to rework them.

I spent part of my studio day working on the flower cards I make by hand, They are always fun because I enjoy pressing them and spending time painting the cards after the flowers are glued on. I am waiting for my new mobile flower press to arrive. I plan to pick flowers next Sunday at Fair Oaks and press them immediately. People really enjoy buying the cards I make.

Fair Oaks Mini Residency- January 25, 2015


Notes From My Residency Journal

image image

Sherry checks out the paintings in my mobile art gallery. Our glorious harvest from the grove at Fair Oaks.


Today was very special at Fair Oaks. The steward of the estate planned a harvest party for several of his friends. I arrived at 10 AM and headed up the hill to the gate of Collins Field to enjoy painting for two hours. The day was lovely and the Sandhill Cranes were  strolling along chatting back and forth. They took to the air with lovely graceful movement.

I cleaned up my gear and headed back to enjoy the party. We enjoyed perfect weather, cool and sunny. I made several new friends and enjoyed a hamburger, hot dog, baked beans and potato salad topped off by good coffee and a slice of pie.


As the group began to pick fruit, I acted as a guide for visitors to tour the estate in the golf cart. When the last tour was over, I sliced fruit to be juiced down in the grove. What a marvelous experience.  I joyfully accepted a gallon of fresh juice and a basket of grapefruit as I headed for Leroy.

I feel so very lucky to be a part of life at Fair Oaks. It is an incredible privilege.

A Fun Project


Notes From Fun

i have a new project. I am asking my collectors and friends to send me a post card message about nature or trees to my studio. I will put them all in a book at the studio for visitors to read. The messages can be poems, Haikus, or thoughts about the natural world.  If you don’t have a post card, an index card will work just as well. You can mail the card or bring it to my studio. Please join me in this fun project.

Linda Blondheim

C/O Paddiwhack

1510 NW 13th Street

Gainesville, FL 32601


Purple Cabbage


Notes From the Town Studio

I did a painting of purple cabbage for tomorrow’s challenge painting. I like to stay one day ahead on the challenge so I can post it to the challenge page early in the morning. I have been through 23 painting days and have 7 more paintings to do. It has become a routine now, so I will be a tiny bit let down on the day 30 painting. By the same token, I’ll be relieved to be through. I find it harder to focus on large work with the challenge hanging over my head. The challenge is not for undisciplined painters. Just over two thirds through and 7 more to go makes for a long month!

I’m also working on a 20×24 inch tree painting and doing some 5×7 paintings for a few days. My 5×7 study box is almost empty, so I need to fill it up again!


Some rearranging


Notes From the Town Studio 

I’ve done Some rearranging in my town studio today. I decided to put the sale bin in the little room where I paint, and to replace it in the gallery with a clear plastic tub for small framed paintings in 6x 8 to 9×12 sizes.  There is always a space hanging problem, so this gets about 10 framed paintings up off the floor into a bin where they are easy to browse about waist high.

I only have a few sale bin paintings left right now and as soon as I sell them I will take the sale bin home until I have enough paintings to start it up again.

I’m in the 30 day challenge and I haven’t missed a day. I have 8 more paintings to do for the challenge. I will be ready for the end, truth to tell. It is hard to focus on bigger paintings when you are locked into the painting every day challenge. I do normally paint every day but I don’t always complete the painting each day.

To do list


Notes From My World

I’ve had a long to do list going for a couple of weeks. My day started with a spa day for Henry. He gets a bath, his big bat ears cleaned and his nails clipped. Yes, I am lazy. I could do it myself but I allow myself the luxury of letting professionals care for him.

While he was at the spa, I enjoyed driving around the little town of High Springs , where I had not been in some time. I stopped at Dollar General for some studio supplies. I bought a medium sized tub to use for small framed paintings to sit on a table at the town studio. That will make an easy display bin. I can put cardboard pieces between each painting. I bought one of those thin rubber rolled mats for the bottom so the paintings won’t slip. This will let me show more small paintings than I have room for on the walls and I can rotate them from walls to bin and back.

When I got back to the studio, I busied myself with cleaning up brushes, and paint box from my Plein air excursion, sweeping the studio and doing laundry. A painter’s job can be dull, just like anybody’s job.

I finally settled down to marking off my to do list including my dreaded taxes. Done!

Tonight  I get to start a new painting and frame up some  8×10 paintings. I just got the frames I ordered. They are quite nice rustics with a silver edge to dress them up a bit.

Life is good for landscape painters!