About Linda


About Linda

My mission as a landscape painter is about visually recording the rural, agricultural lands, and trees of my beloved Florida. Painters are stewards of our history and culture. We record the experiences and lives of our own time. My legacy as a painter is to leave a visual record of the beauty of rural Florida.


Linda Smiles

I have been a painter all of my life. I love the woods and the north central Florida landscape where I live. I grew up around farmers and cattle ranchers and live on the rural land of my parents.

Home Page

I have a lovely studio space in Gainesville, FLorida and a country studio behind my home. I live in an old place with a crummy road about 13 miles north of Gainesville, in cattle country. I carved a trail through my land called Deer Woods Trail. My French Bulldog Henry and I walk it every day. We enjoy seeing the deer, wild turkeys, raptors, occasional bobcats and foxes who live there.



Occasionally I go on painting residencies around Florida, given to me by my collectors who have vacation homes. I travel from 5 to 7 days, living it up on the coast, painting marshes and nature preserves in those areas. I am so grateful to them for the privilege. They are grateful for the paintings I leave for them.

I have the best possible life with my sweet Henry, my friends, family and wonderful collectors. I’m the luckiest painter in the world.