Story 2

Linda Blondheim


I live out in the rural part of my county and I’m so grateful for it. My family has owned our land for about 60 years. About four years ago, I asked my sister to help me carve a trail through the fallow part of our land. She has a big John Deer riding mower. I was going to teach a painting workshop and I thought my students would like to paint on the trail. They were not interested in the wild part of the land, so they painted in my yard. I, however, loved the little trail. I decided a year later to add a section to the trail. I had named the trail Deer Woods. My sister and I added trail two and it was brutal work for an old gal like me. She rode the mower behind me while I hauled out huge limbs. In year three, I got smart and hired a professional trail builder to do section three. Section three runs through swamp land, adjacent to tall pond cypress and hard woods. It is beautiful but a bit scary for me. There is something dark and mysterious about it and I have to force myself to walk that section. I can’t figure out why I have that reaction. The first year, I thought it was because it was new and the paths were not settled in. It has been two years now, but I still have the same gut reaction to it. Very odd! No one else seems to notice it.
What are your trail experiences?