Attracting Art Collecting Readers

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Attracting Art Collecting Readers

A reader asked me to blog about ways to attract art collecting readers to an artist’s blog. I really think artists and collectors are two different animals.  Attracting collectors means you must make the blog relate to them in some way. Most collectors aren’t really interested in the process of painting, or how I market my art. Some are I’m sure, but I like to have a separate message  for their interests.  It is always easy for me to post to artist readers because we have much in common. Though I am an art collector, my motivation is quite different from non-artist collectors. I buy art primarily to help other artists and to give them a boost in their careers. Secondly, I give the art to my daughters to foster appreciation for original art in their own lives. I want the next generation to love and appreciate art as we do. Remember that collectors aren’t going to care much how you paint or what associations you belong to. Nor will they care about your awards. Attracting them to see beauty through your eyes and heart is important. They want to be welcomed into your world.

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Here are some things I have done to interest collectors in reading this blog:

I always include a blurb about it in my email and postal mail newsletters, giving a hint of what is there in the blog.

I include the blog address and stress that it is a blog for both artists and collectors in my signature lines for all emails.

I have it automatically fed into my twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram posts, so that each time I post to it, it goes out to social media with a live link.

I always use the title post to attract  art collectors in the focus of the post.

When I write about a place I visit or a restaurant review, I always send a link for that story to those who would have a special interest in that topic.

I try to often tell stories and describe interesting places like Cedar Key boat trips, farms where I paint, good restaurants, travel information, gardening and stories about my dog. Essentially, I am writing to people who have similar interests to mine.

I always include an image of a painting, but that is not the focus of the blog. I try not to make the blog about selling, but instead about interest in art and myself to potential collectors. I let my web site and my retail studio do the selling.
I read the local style magazines and newspapers and when I see an interesting person who I feel would relate to my blog, I send them the clipped article from the paper and a note about my blog story, inviting them to read it and view my web site.

I think adding nature stories,tips, framing, books, stories about museums and galleries are all interesting topics which will add interest to the Collectors who read my blog.

I think the main issue is keeping the posts interesting for collectors.  Post as often as you feel you are sharing useful information.  Be aware that it can take up to 2 years before a blog has a decent following. Art Notes was dead as a door nail for about a year, but I never gave up posting. I’ve been writing Art Notes for many years now.

Try to think outside of the box with your collector blog. Collectors want more than “Buy My Art”, or lots of paintings on a collector blog. That blog should send them to your web site to buy if possible. No sense in confusing them with too many buying sites. Use the blog to direct them and to peak their interest.

Send out some interesting post cards about your collector blog and leave them around town in offices and businesses.

Feature collectors on the blog. I tried to develop this myself but so far, my collectors don’t want to be featured. That may change at some point.

I sometimes have a contest on the blog  attracting visitors. A poll can be fun for visitors as well.

Ask friends to share the blog with their friends. Visit and comment on other collector blogs.

Invite an art dealer, interior designer, frame company, or museum director to write a post for your blog. Do some pre-advertising for the post with interested people.

Never forget that your collectors are the most important people to your career. Treat them with kindness and be authentically grateful to them for their care and support. They won’t let you down but you must be equally kind in return.

More Musings for artists and collectors to come…….

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