Stone Bridge

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Stone Bridge
Mixed Media on panel

This is part one of a new technique I have been studying this summer. The painting is first painted in casein and then over glazed with transparent oil paints.

I have been experimenting with several different glazing mediums with this process. I will over paint the casein with Gamblin Alkyd first, before applying the oils because there are areas of the casein which would not be covered completely by the oils. That would leave areas unevenly applied so I have found it better to over glaze the casein with the medium before starting the oil process. I will show the second process when it is completed.

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Chocolate Mousse
8×10 inches
casein on paper

This recipe was from a restaurant I worked in while living in Arlington Texas years ago. It no longer exits, but the recipe is timeless. It is smooth and rich. The quality is always consistent and you can change the portions to feed a few or many. Some of my happiest memories are about this position. It was my first real job as a line cook. I was the only woman cook on the line but the men treated me with fondness and respect. In those days it was uncommon for women cooks to work in restaurants. That was long before the Food Channel launched women’s careers in the food industry. The kitchen was designed to allow the patrons to watch us cook their dinner. Our best efforts at entertainment were put forth on Christmas Eve. We wore red and green dyed chef hats and sang Christmas carols while we cooked.

Chocolate Mousse

8 egg yolks at room temperature
12 oz good quality semi sweet chocolate
1 oz raspberry liqueur
1 Quart Heavy Cream
1 T Vanilla
1 Cup super fine sugar

Whip heavy cream with sugar and vanilla. Melt chocolate in a double boiler. Add a tiny bit of chocolate to the blended egg yolks a little at a time to warm them up. Then combine all the chocolate and egg yolks. Add the raspberry liqueur to chocolate mixture and carefully fold cream into the chocolate until just blended. Fill parfait or cocktail glasses and chill until ready to serve. Fresh raspberries, whipped cream and shaved chocolate can be added for garnish.

Irish crème or coffee liqueur can be substituted for the raspberry liqueur.