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I can think of a dozen or so reasons that I might want to end an art career. Artists are on the bottom of the food chain in our society and that has been the norm for centuries. It is one of the few professional careers where just about anyone can call themselves an artist. I went to art school and got my fine art degrees. It was hard work and expensive, but many more artists have little or no training for their craft. Lawyers, engineers and other professional jobs require the degrees from college, like mine did. They are not allowed to call themselves professionals without the certification and the degrees. I’m not saying it is bad or good. There are many very fine artists who have never been to art school.

Artists are aplenty. In fact, there are far too many of us to support this profession. There are too many artists who squander their careers. Artists are privileged with a rare ability. There are many people who long to paint well but who will never have that ability. Those few of us who work full time as painters should be careful with our privilege.

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To be honest, artists have a fairly poor reputation in the business and professional world. Many have the reputation of being inappropriate flakes, unprofessional and unreliable. In some cases, this is true. I know  artists who can’t find their way through life. They do a fair amount of complaining about their lot in life, but are unwilling to work on their business career.

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They don’t want to learn anything about marketing, technology, serious study of their craft, or icky things like paying taxes. They don’t show up on time for events, show openings, or meeting clients. They have no idea why they paint or anything about connecting with potential collectors of their work. They don’t dress appropriately for shows, don’t have a mailing list, or make any effort to improve their knowledge. Some of them undercut other artists, cheat galleries out of commissions and have questionable ethics for their careers.

Indeed, there are wonderful and professional artists who do everything right, but still struggle. It is a tough job! We are responsible for our own success or failure as painters. If I don’t try every day to improve my work, to find ways to sell paintings, to improve my skills in every way, it is my own responsibility and failure. If I spend my time wringing my hands over poor sales, indifference to art in society, feeling helpless and ready to quit, it is my responsibility. I really am entirely in charge of my attitude toward my career. I know I will survive because I have earned the right and will never stop working toward success. I know I will sell a painting every day, I never doubt it! That is my first thought each morning and I try very hard to make it happen.

Taking responsibility for your art career will ensure your success!

More musings for artists and collectors to come….

Today’s Recipe

Linda’s Sausage Gravy
1 pound pork sausage
1 small onion diced
½ cup H&H
½ can chicken broth
3 T flour
Fry sausage with the diced onion until brown. Add flour and coat with it evenly through the pan. Add salt and pepper. Add broth and H&H. Stir until creamy and taste for seasoning. Simmer on low until biscuits are done. Yummy!


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