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Classes Private Group Workshops - image  on https://lindablondheim.comLinda’s painting classes are held in the Michaels Store classroom in Gainesville.


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Classes Palettes

The two optional palettes I like to have my students use are:

Ultramarine blue

Cad red light

Cad yellow light or medium

Mars black

Titanium white

The above palette is called a single primary palette.

Option 2

Ultramarine blue

Cad red light

Cad yellow light

Mars black or Paynes Gray

Titanium white

Alizarin Crimson or Rose

Thalo Blue

Yellow Ochre

This palette is called a split or double primary palette because it has both warm and cool primary colors. You will have many more options to color mixing with this palette, but it is not necessary for good painting.

The single primary with five colors is adequate. I encourage you to also purchase a ¼ inch flat brush, a small round brush, and a signature liner brush, also called a rigger brush. I would like to use 8×10 inch painting panels for the classes as you can more easily find frames for that size. 9×12 is fine too. A spray mist bottle of water will be most helpful, as well as a table top easel and a paper palette with tear off sheets, or a sta-wet palette. If you don’t have a palette, bring large paper plates. You will also need paper towels. A bottle of  airbrush or glazing medium is nice as a painting medium.You will find these products at stores like  Michaels, Lanza Art Supplies in High Springs.  Amazon, Dick Blick or Utrecht have them for order. I look forward to painting with you at our next class.

USE the same palette colors and brushes for oils and add a low odor solvent for rinsing your brushes. I recommend Gamisol.


Linda’s retail studio: 1510 NW 13th Street-Gainesville,FL 32601  inside Paddiwhack Gallery.

Linda’s Country Studio: 3032 NW 161st Court- Gainesville,FL 32609

Linda’s phone:352.363.0797

Linda’s Studio Assistant is Carolyn Smith-

Please Share this with anyone who might be interested.

Private one day group workshops are available year round at my Country Studio. Bring your friends or art center groups and paint together for a day. You pick the subject and I’ll build a workshop for you.


6 thoughts on “Classes Private Group Workshops

  1. My mom has always wanted to try oil painting. My dad and I almost signed her up for a class at the community college but it would have been 4 nights, one night per week, for an entire month. With her work schedule she was unable to commit. She has only ever used acrylic and is quite the quirky artist! I’d love to take her to a class on/around Mothers Day. Do you have any classes in the near future?

  2. Hi Linda. I heard from a friend that you are coming back to Michael’s in Butler. Yea! Have been itching to paint again even though I am now hanging my pictures in my garage for lack of wall space in our now much smaller home. Your website specified first Tuesdays, but I could not find the time for the advanced group. What is the time?
    Very much looking forward to your classes. Pat Day
    ps. Please excuse– I would have sent a regular e-mail but could not find one on your website.

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