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Collectors Be Safe Notes

Collecting art online is becoming more acceptable. I sell small paintings on FB frequently. Collectors need to be careful about buying original art online. If you are going to buy art online, use common sense.

Don’t buy from artists who have no contact information or who won’t answer questions about their work. Contact the artists with questions on how paintings are shipped, what are the materials used for the painting, what is the refund policy?

Look for artists who have been online for awhile, not overnight. An artist who has a professional web page, a blog, a FB page, etc. will have been around long enough to have a reputation. Fly by night art is not what you want to invest your hard earned dollars in. Ask for referrals from other collectors or read the collectors comments on the web site. An established artist will have many collectors who will be happy to tell you how happy they are with an artist’s work and their ethical  business practices.

Many established artists will have multiple sizes and price ranges. I sell my 8×10 studies for 100.00, and my refined 8×10 paintings for 400.00. The studies are my practice paintings, done quickly. Many of them are demonstrations for students, or preliminary paintings for larger works. My prices range from 10.00 miniatures to 6,000.00 so multiple price points are a nice bonus for collectors. You will find this flexibility with many artists.

Home Page

Check to see if the artist has a payment plan or excepts layaway. My mission is to see that anyone who wants to collect original art will have a way to do that. Offering payment plans, layaway helps my collectors to own real art, not copies.

Spend a little time getting to know an artist online. Like their FB page, or Instagram. Post comments on their blogs. Join their newsletter list. If they live near you, ask for a studio visit, or go to see their work displayed.

Avoid factory artists. There are many disreputable artists who copy art by others to sell cheaply online. That is copyright infringement and illegal. These artists rob legitimate artists and steal their reputation and income.

Some artists line canvases up and paint the skies, then trees, then water, down a line and sell these paintings cheaply. Their only goal is to turn out art as fast as possible and make money.

Look for artists who have a  profound love for the work they do, not through ego or thinking their work is superior, but artists who love the process of painting, love and understand their subjects.

More to come…….

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