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I like to try to learn stuff from every situation I find myself in.  Sometimes I get into an annoying and irritating encounter with a person who could be helpful and kind, but is not.  Not long ago I was in my teaching place, needing some supplies, asked for help and found the staff member  to be less than enthusiastic or cooperative. She could have made my job easier will little effort, but chose to let me work harder than I needed to accomplish my mission. At the time I just shrugged it off and continued with my day.


Thinking back on it now, I realize that the incident forever changed my attitude toward her to a negative one. I will never feel she is a particularly nice person. I will now avoid her whenever possible and have no trust toward her.  One, small incident caused me to forever want to avoid her.


The larger picture here is one of how easily we can turn people away, with thoughtless behavior. It woke me up to the necessary quality of thoughtfulness and kindness to others in our lives. Have I offended others through thoughtless behavior over my long career? I’m sure I have.  We probably all have. I would like to do a better job of being patient and kind to everyone I meet. It is harder to be nice than it is to be careless of others  feelings. You have to stop and think. You have to think of ways to be helpful for others.  You have to take more time to nurture the people you know and those who are simply passing you in time.

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I want  to be a successful person. I want to nurture other artists, students, friends and collectors. I want my life to be positive and meaningful. I learned from this situation that one small unimportant incident can destroy relationships so easily.  I’m glad that I paid attention to this  because it taught me a valuable lesson.

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  1. How lucky of you to turn this around into a lesson for yourself. And self observant. It’s hard to see the wrongs we do most of the time. It took me years to learn to not stay mad at person. It finally donned on me one day the energy the anger stole from me and time it consumed was only on me. Most of the time the person I was mad at was blissfully unaware, and living better for it.

    Hopefully this comment is coming across the way I intended it to, thankful for the lesson and thankful that even people that seem to have it all together , such as yourself , still struggle and learn during life.

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