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I love my old work. I saw a post this morning on Facebook by an excellent painter who called his old work rubbish. I read this from time to time by many painters, anguishing over their older work and how poor they feel the quality is of their past paintings.

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I couldn’t disagree more. I feel love for my older paintings and honor them. When I see a painting in someone’s home from long ago, I feel wonderful that they gave it a place of honor in their home. Are my current paintings better than ones from years ago? I think so, but that shouldn’t make them more valuable. I have simply learned more than I knew 20 years ago.  I wake up every day with the will and sincere prayer that I will do the best painting I can. That was the case 40 years ago as it is now. Every stage of my career is the same, in that I am doing the very best work that I know to do. Why would I dishonor that by thinking my old paintings are rubbish or inferior? My old paintings are a road map of effort and love for my craft, honed for 50 years.

I have saved a few paintings from different stages of my career. Some of my favorites are from middle and high school, and then college. They are indeed amateurish, but much loved. We don’t always need to have top quality or whatever the latest trend might be in art. Art is far more than decoration. It is truly the window into our culture and times. Artists are historians, we record our environment, our politics, our pop culture, our moment on this good earth. We learn much about past generations and cultures by viewing art from their time. Art should be honored, not rejected, even our own work from past efforts.

More to come…….

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