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My loyal friends drove out to the studio today to join me for the chili party. When you throw parties out away from the city, you never know if folks will show up. I didn’t have a large crowd, but I had a loyal group of friends who came and almost always do. I met a couple of new friends too. We started small and ended up with a good group toward the end of the afternoon. We went through a pot of chili, so all were fed.

I really enjoyed seeing everyone and we had a lively discussion of literature, including spy novels, sci-fi, Shakespeare, then shifted to various films we have loved over the years. We talked about comic books, werewolves, super heroes and transformers. What an interesting group. The room filled up emptied out and the talk continued like musical chairs with people moving in and out of the discussion. It was a blast! Friends purchased everything from art puzzles and pins to small paintings. Good friends, new friends and art sales. I call that a good party! I’m grateful to all who came.

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The work is yet to come. Tomorrow I must put my studio back together again as a working studio. I have a private student tomorrow at 10 AM. She is visiting from another city. I do have one table ready and set up for her. I decided to get up in the morning and reset the studio enough to paint, and take my time next week putting it back together.  Truth to tell, I’m tired. This has been an incredibly hard week and I’m looking forward to doing several underpaintings next week to glaze for my students, show and tell. We are going to work on Notan studies in two weeks. I’m ready for a bit of down time next week without any students, just painting fun. I’m so lucky to have a career as a painter, so blessed.

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