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I’m very lucky to have two studios, but that means I have to manage a lot to keep them going. Manage your studio well and you will have more fun and more time to do the important skills of marketing and painting.

1.       Keep a list for supplies you need. Buying in bulk with the big supply houses or Amazon is the way to go. I do drop in to my local art supply stores for small things, to help support them but when you paint as much as I do, bulk buying is a must. Always buy on sale and with free shipping. If you have friends who paint with you regularly and use similar brands, order in bulk together and sort out the supplies when they arrive. This is a wonderful way to keep the costs down.

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2.       Clean as you go. It is so easy for messes in studios to get completely out of hand. This will happen before you know it. I hate facing these huge projects. Try to pick up as you go. I always clean my palette or use throw away paper palettes after each painting session. I always clean my brushes after each session, putting them back where they belong. I refill my water jar for acrylics after the painting session. My goal is to have my painting stations completely ready to start laying out my paints, ready to go for each new session.


3.       Plan one month each year to do sorting and pitching in your studio.  I hate this project so much, but it feels so good when I have completed it. Things are going to build up in your studio over a year’s time. Make the plan for yourself to do this project in the slowest time of year. I pick July or August each year, so it is right around the corner. My plan this year is to start next week and finish by mid August.


4.       Manage your studio by planning ahead for the sizes and formats you will plan to use for the next few months. I have favorite sizes that I like to paint regularly and so I can buy bulk numbers of canvas and bulk numbers of frames for the months ahead. Always use standard sizes unless you are doing commission work. Standard sizes are easier to sort and store, and they are a great selling point for collectors who know they will find ready made frames for unframed paintings.

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5.       Manage your studio by being organized and clean enough to put in order within 30 minutes. You will have unexpected studio visitors from time to time. I like to keep items in my pantry that are easy to put together for food and beverages. Most people will be impressed if you whip out a nice nosh for a visit. I keep cream cheese, cheddar cheese to make a quick cheese dip, crackers, olives pickles, sliced lunch meat, grape tomatoes and so forth. You can make a lovely delicious tray for food in about 10 minutes. Here in the South we always provide food for studio guests. It would be the height of rudeness not to.  Coffee, sodas or Iced/hot tea always work swell for beverages.  I have a wonderful and generous friend who has printed napkins made for my studio with my studio name engraved. Most impressive to my guests. Bless you Judy.


6.       Manage your orders, commissions, and activities for the studio each week with a to do list. Never promise on dates unless you can deliver. Your reputation as a reliable business person is very important.

 What ideas do you have to manage studios?

More musings for artists and collectors to come….


Today’s Recipe


Linda’s Fried Chicken


2 cut up fryers

1 Qt buttermilk

Salt/pepper/thyme leaves, paprika, cayenne pepper, dried onion flakes

Place chicken in large pyrex dish with deep sides. Combine all ingredients and pour over chicken cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.


Before frying combine 3 cups flour with lots of salt/pepper/paprika/ 1 tsp of thyme, pinch of powdered garlic.


Drain chicken in colander. Dip into flour mix and coat. Fry in cast iron skillet with vegetable oil until brown on both sides, Transfer to sheet pan with a wire rack and put in oven at 400 while you do the rest of the meal.

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