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Marketing VS Selling Notes

Marketing is a different animal than selling.  Good salesmen have formulas for sizing up a buyer. They know what buttons to push, how to overcome all objections, and to close the sale. I know several painters who can do just that. I have been up against them at many art openings, and paint out events. They will gently steer collectors away from one artist to their own work, subtly making viewers think that their work is unique and stands out above all the other artists. They wear collectors on their belts, and don’t hesitate to brag to other painters about how many paintings they sold.  They will block their neighbors work, engage other’s collectors and they work the room relentlessly. It does pay off in sales, at least in the short term. It is the perfect method in a room, crowded with strangers, who want to show off their  jewelry, taste in art and who want to be seen as big patrons. Good sales skill is perfect for this environment.

Good marketing is a different skill entirely. Good promotion is a true skill, just as selling, but produces very different results. Artists who market effectively build long term relationships with their clients. It is a long term trust that one develops, and a more than likely, real friendship between painter and collector. Good marketing puts your work in front of potential and current friends consistently. It is not pushy, not formulaic, and it is genuine if done properly and with a real spirit of love for others. A salesman will try to make you think you need the painting, and will ask if they can wrap it up for you. A marketer will ask you about your family and what matters to you in your life. They will actually care about your answers.

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Who gets more sales and makes more money? The salesman I expect. Who has a life rich with friends and supporters who would do anything to help you? The marketer I expect.

Painters wear many different hats. We must be salesmen, marketers, painters and entrepreneurs.  The big difference is that some like to sell and some prefer the friendships and long term relationships that gentle marketing achieves.  You have probably guessed that I am the marketer, not the salesman, but each has merit. I wish I were more evenly balanced, I’d be richer.

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