Mission Filled Career

mission filled career

Mission Filled Career

Mission Filled Career Notes

I have long had a mission oriented career. I don’t believe I would have achieved success and independence without it. There should be sound and doable reasons to be a painter if an artist has depth and richness in their paintings. Painting for it’s own sake is enjoyable of course, but without a true mission it is superficial.

Mission Filled Career

My missions have evolved some over the years but are still solid. I have a mission statement on the home page of this web site and I tend to like mission statements rather than bios. I don’t think most people care a whole lot about your accolades and resumes, unless they are in the art industry. Most of my collectors and art friends want to know what I believe in and how my paintings will improve the world we all live in.

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The other mission I have long had is to improve and assist in the life of other painters. When I was a young painter, fresh out of art school, there was little to no help from older, more experienced artists.  Their secrets were closely guarded in those days.

Mission Filled Career

I told myself at the time, if I ever made it, I would change that scenario and I’m happy to say that I have been able to help many emerging artists over the years. A lot of the topics on this blog are in that vein and I have sent countless packages of art supplies to artists in need  over the years.  I try to give a mentoring scholarship every year or so as well and I buy two original paintings a year to support other painters.

Those are the two main missions of my career and they have brought me much joy and purpose. They have enriched my work and given me a solid purpose as I research the arcane mystery of painting.

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Mission Filled Career

Having a firm doable mission also keeps you humble. I know a lot of very arrogant artists and I wonder if they have set a purpose to their work and lives? Having defined missions puts your ego where it belongs I think. The work is more about your mission than your pride and accolades.

Mission Filled Career

Setting a mission for yourself takes a bit of thought. I thought about what I wanted to improve in the world with my art. Missions are not about you and often not about your personal preferences in politics, religion,etc. Missions are about how you wish to improve the earth and life for others. Missions can have dual purposes or a single one. As far as I am concerned, my two  missions are for the life of my career and a many year commitment, not something I cast off and reboot regularly. It can take a lifetime to fulfill your mission, so if you are up to the task, be serious about it.

I am content in knowing that there is a real purpose to my career and I believe mission oriented people are happier and more fulfilled.

More musings for artists and collectors to come….

Today’s Recipe

Easy Mini Chocolate Croissants

Buy frozen puff pastry sheets

1 Chocolate candy bar ( milk, semi sweet, dark, with nuts, what ever you like best)

1 egg beaten

parchment paper

sheet pan.

Line sheet pan with parchment paper

Thaw and cut pastry into squares

Put each piece of chocolate into a square and fold over the pastry, sealing it with egg wash. You can make a variety of shapes as you wish. Bake at 350 until brown and crisp. A quick, tasty treat!


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  1. Linda, do you still hold a class at Michael’s? I had a money problem and haven’t been able to come. However, I was planning on coming 1st Tuesday in March correct. Please let me know. Thanks Jeanette Christensen.

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