Monthly Painting Offer

Monthly make an offer painting

Monthly Painting Offer

The monthly painting offer is a month long auction that ends at 5 PM on the last day of each month. Offers are made directly to me at my email address, I’ve always believed in giving back to the friends and collectors who have supported me for my 40 year career. I like to make art affordable so that all of my friends can afford an original painting. Don’t buy prints(reproductions). Original art is precious and one of a kind. There is a price point for everyone who loves art. This monthly auction gives everyone a shot at the monthly offered painting. These paintings are selected randomly from my inventory. Some are new, some older. I select a variety of subjects and mediums as well as sizes between 8×10 and 20×24 inches.

Monthly  Painting Offer for June  2019.

The current offer is 100.00 The next offer must be 101.00 or more.

Contact me at to make an offer any time before 5 PM, June 30th 2019.

Monthly Painting Offer for  June is 14×18 inches. This painting will be sold framed in silver, due to its odd size. You may increase your offer any time during the month of June.  Shipping will be 20.00 or pick up at my country studio to save the shipping fee. Send offers to I will post new offers on this page as soon as I receive them.  This is a wonderful way to get an original painting for far less than its retail value. These make an offer auctions have become very popular.  I choose randomly from my body of work for these monthly auctions. Good luck!



This is a painting of  Orange Lake.   You are welcome to come out to my Country Studio to see the painting any time in June.

Congratulations to Maria Buenaventura who won the May  painting.



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13 thoughts on “Monthly Painting Offer

  1. Hello dear friend,
    Hope all is well! I can’t believe I missed another painting! What’s up for this month?
    PS I’m visiting from July 25 – 30 😊🌸

  2. Hi, Linda,
    A wall in my NC house needs a painting. Since I’m a Florida girl at heart, I would like to make a bid on the June painting. I’m not quite sure where I do that.

  3. Linda, please place my bid for $35. Sorry I forgot to check at end of February…boy that month went fast!
    Thanks, Dottie

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