Not Smart Enough

not smart enough

Not Smart Enough

Not Smart Enough Notes

I’ve been crippled up with RA with time to think about the not smart enough prejudice we all live with in our lives as artists. It is a subtle put down by those who are or who think they are more intelligent than others. I think we are all guilty of this, even if it is a secretive part of our thoughts. This is part of our competitive nature as artists. It is hard to avoid.

Not Smart Enough

Linda’s Bird Art

I have known several legitimately, really smart, brilliant people in my career and I do believe it is hard for them to be patient and gentle with us lesser folk. They solve problems quickly, are knowledgeable about many topics, and think instantly. It is probably hard for them to wait for us to catch up.

Not Smart Enough

Then there are the folk like me, who “think” we are smart.  We think we are smart, often because we are driven personality types. We are highly motivated to achieve and tend to run over the slow thoughtful types, who like to consider all the angles before making decisions. We are highly opinionated about solutions and we don’t at all play well in the sand box. We equate intelligence with quick thinking and accomplishment. They are not at all the same.

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Not Smart Enough

This is an interesting problem in that there are multiple prejudices about intelligence. My daughter was  was first diagnosed as slow in third grade. I took her for a serious diagnosis and they discovered that she was both dyslexic and ADD. Her IQ was normal. Her teachers had a completely better attitude toward her when they discovered that her IQ was normal. It was an amazing change by teachers before and after her diagnosis.

Not Smart Enough is a terrible prejudice in our society, including the pecking order of artists. There are some artists we just don’t want to be around. They make poor decisions, are socially inept and their personalities are slightly stunted. They are not smart enough! Many of us  are guilty of this attitude and I am hoping to grow some to be a better person. There is room for all of us. We who are lucky to have the independence of full time art career and can easily make decisions, need to be kinder to those who are less fortunate.


Today’s Recipe

Easy Sliders

1 package Hawaiian King Rolls

1 stick butter melted

1 package Good Seasons Italian dressing mix

1 tablespoon poppy seeds

1 package thin sliced ham

1 package sliced cheddar cheese

Heat oven to 350

Slice  rolls in half, leaving them intact.

Place bottom layer in Pyrex deep dish

Mix seasoning with butter and poppy seeds. Brush bottom layer with butter. Lay slices of cheese on the bottom layer. Top with layers of ham. Top with top layer of attached rolls. Coat top layer with butter mixture. Bake until toasted and melted, about 25 minutes. Cut sliders apart and serve with salad.




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