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I feel myself run down like an old clock you have to wind up. I have definitely run down this afternoon.  I could go out and work on my current blocked in painting, started before my private student arrived this morning, but I’m not going to. Somehow, I always have the attitude that I must put in a full day every day, that goofing off is bad form. I’m 66 years old and still have the schedule I kept at 40. I know it keeps me young and my mind busy. I am a definitely mission oriented painter. Service to others, hard work, self discipline, and purpose each and every day is my mantra. Sometimes I simply run down. I was up and out in my studio at 8:30 AM, putting it all back together after a fun party yesterday. My private visiting student arrived at 10 AM. Two hours later she was away and I was back in the house for lunch. Now exhaustion has set in. It’s time to stop!

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Fatigue is something we need to pay attention to. It’s not a crime to take an afternoon off and it won’t make or break your painting career. A hard and too busy week means  it’s time to rest. I don’t process well for painting if I am too tired. I tend to make a lot of mistakes and get frustrated in front of the easel. I never want to make important career decisions when I am overtired. I try not to make commitments for future events when I’m tired. Having made commitments in the past without a clear head for the pros and cons has costs me in valuable time and resources. Many of the events available to artists are frankly a waste of time and resources. Artists must ask themselves, what is really in this for me? Will the publicity attract the right target market for my genre’? Is this going to sell my work or help the event chairman? Is this just a social situation or truly promotional? It is hard to make good decisions when you are over tired.

I should have given up paint outs and other events long before I did. I was simply not thinking carefully because I was exhausted and on a treadmill of doing events because that’s what I always did. Not smart. The same for outdoor festivals, or any other regular event that an artist does. Has your business grown due to this event, or are you simply part of the machine that engulfs artists and then spits them out? The first two years I did paint outs I sold an average of 11 paintings at each event, at top prices. The longer I stayed, the fewer paintings I sold, the fewer amenities were offered to the artists, etc. The more it became about the event itself, and the less about the artists. The only paint out I ever did that was top notch consistently over the 8 years I was there, was the Wekiva Paint Out. They started with great treatment of their artists and as far as I know, they still treat the artists like royalty.

Think about events and career decisions with a clear head, not exhausted and run down.

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