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Artists have a lot to sacrifice. Most of us are not high income earners. Art is not highly valued in our society, unless it is dead artists’ work.  The thing is that we should be willing to own up to our life choices, knowing full well that the job is very hard and not lucrative. I meet artists all the time who complain about their lot in life, and complain that collectors should be buying their art. They feel a sense of entitlement about being an artist, as if what they do is of a much higher order than careers others have. This is just silly to me. We all make our own choices to be artists. No one owes us special consideration. The artists who survive simply work harder, understand business better and have more discipline than artists who do not succeed.

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We sacrifice income and prestige, but we have wonderful advantages over our friends in other professions. We are self employed, so there is great freedom in time management and independence. We are allowed to choose the subjects we like to paint. That can be a plus or minus in that some art doesn’t sell well. If we choose to do art that is not marketable, we are responsible for the results. No complaints please. Either find a niche market or change your focus.

We must learn to control our budget, taxes, timing, and goals. Self discipline and good business practices are the most important thing for a professional artist. if you are making a living from art, you have to be serious and act like a grown up!

I’ve always believed in sacrifice and hard work.  My favorite sacrifice is my Lenten sacrifice each year. I give away 40 pieces of tiny art randomly each year. This year I am making little plant pot stakes to decorate potted plants. They are hand drawn popsicle sticks. I’ll be giving them away at Paddiwhack to visitors during lent.

More to come……

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