Serious Art VS Fun Art


Serious Art VS Fun Art

When I was a young painter in art school, serious art was the only acceptable art. My professors guided me to only pursue museum shows and gallery affiliations. Fun art was considered to be inferior and something only hobbyists would admit to doing.

I did political cartoons for small Florida papers as a sideline during art school, hiding this from my friends and professors. I’ve always loved drawing goofy pictures in a cartoon style.  I started doing a  cartoon in art school called the Studio Door and it has been a signature drawing for me for many years. I don’t know why. I’ve done hundreds of them over the years. it is my favorite silly drawing. It is usually out of proportion with skewed perspective. Sometimes in different colors, open or closed, with wall paper, tile floors, wood floors, whatever I’m in the mood for at any time.

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After years as a gallery artist with many museum shows behind me, I set out to be an independent painter in 2009, relying on myself and my whims to provide my livelihood and my joy.

I find that I enjoy the puzzles, art pins and hand drawn cards, for the process and the humor, much needed in these dark days. Happily, I have found that it really is ok to do serious painting and fun art. They are traditionally different markets, but not as much as I thought. Many of my collectors delight in both the serious paintings and the fun art.

When is art legitimate? I say it is legitimate whether in the studio, struggling to get the landscape right, or at the drawing table having fun with colored pencil, markers, pop sickle sticks and mat board. Whether art is admired hanging on a wall framed, or worn on your shirt, it is still art.

More to come……

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