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Survival Notes

Why would I be thinking about summer survival in February? Now is the time. Waiting until summer is too late. I don’t know about other artists or their situation, but summer is the worst time of year for me. It is brutally hot, my energy level is lower, I drive a car with no air conditioner, so I basically have to hunker down for 5 months a year in my studio. May through September is no man/woman’s land in my part of the world.

How do I prepare?

I save every bit of money I can between January and May. I steadily build up a fund to live on for 5 months a year. I buy no art supplies from May through September. I take no trips. I eat at home, few dinners out. I think thrice before spending any money. I only drive to my town studio twice a week, so my gas expenditure is very low.

I don’t get bored. In fact it is a good studio time of year. I do a lot of experiments and do lots of paintings from May-September. It is a respite from the crazy schedule I keep. The world slowsss down for a few months and I get to catch up.

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I also spend a lot of time thinking about my career, what I want to change in marketing or add to my schedule. It is also the time I think a lot about what I need to get rid of. I don’t always choose wisely. It bothers me when I make bad choices for my career and I tend to stew over it for some time.  The summer is when I tend to come to some solution or to simply let the bad choices expire. Sometimes it is a matter of having joined a group or supported an organization who does not support me in return. I’ve given them donations or renewed my membership with hard earned cash only to find that it is of no value at all to be involved or that they have little appreciation. I know a few dollars here and there should not matter, but working as hard as I do for my money, it does. It all adds up when you are a business person and I must be smarter about how I uses my money and time, my most important resources.

More to come……

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2 thoughts on “Survival Summer

  1. Yes, living in South Texas I agree. I tend to do most of my painting when the weather is disagreeable (rainy, too hot, etc.). I do hope to do some plein air painting in March, April and May but it will soon be too hot. When the weather is nice, I garden which is the source for my paintings, and the renewal of my spirit. Painting isn’t a career for me but we all need to make the best use of our time, even if painting is just a hobby.

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