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I appreciate the testimonials my collectors send me. If you would like to write one, send it to me with a photo of you with your Blondheim painting. I appreciate the testimonials so much.



Thanks Our Town for choosing me as favorite artist in your July-August issue.


Collectors testimonialsI love the painting so much. Your artwork has brought me happiness during these difficult times.
-Patty Shannon 

Gainesville, FL


Linda, the   paintings are fantastic. Very happy! You know I’ll be back to buy more.

-Aprile Wisner

Paducah, KY


Hi Linda,
Wow, I just received your painting today. What an impressive piece of work. Thank you, I am so happy to have received it.
Very professionally packaged and shipped as well. Wishing you much success in your art endeavors. regards,
-Mike Kimball


I love Linda Blondheim’s paintings! I wish I had more wall space!! 
Her paintings bring a little of Florida to my house in NJ!!! She is a pleasure to deal with!!
I have a ledge in my kitchen and I decorated it with 6 of Linda’s paintings. I always get compliments
on the paintings.
– Ellen Feld
New Jersey 

Collectors Club

My idea of heaven looks a lot like your paintings.

-Kimberly Moore Wilmoth


THANKS….for memories that flow out of your brush!

Jay Herron



Edward and Sheri sit in front of their new painting.


Dearest Linda,

I ‘m going to try to convey my thoughts concerning the amazing painting you titled as NORTH FLORIDA TREES.

My nickname for it has become; OAKS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS (THE PLANTING OF THE LORD HANDS in reference to Isaiah 61:3).
What can I say ? Does it sound odd to say that the painting has become a friend? The room in which it hangs has become my favorite place to read, study the Bible and journal and more often than not, a place to curl up with a blanket and stare at the Beauty that the painting invokes.
I imagine sitting under the trees having a picnic with my husband or tossing a Frisbee with my grandchildren in the meadow just beyond the canopy line…
I’m am a transplanted “Yankee” having been in the south now for almost 26 years. I hail from Illinois and Michigan and I grew up with trees being a lovely part of my life. When I arrived in Florida I was immediately struck by the Majesty of these trees I would later discover were called Live Oaks.
The first time I saw your rendering of these Kingly trees was in your studio at PADDIWHACK (when it was still located by Fresh Market). I never imagined that I would “fall in love” with a painting and yet that is exactly what happened the first time I laid eyes on it. I would visit the painting over the course of almost a year before my husband and I would take the plunge and invest (as Chuck so aptly described buying an original work of Art) in the work. And I’m happy to report that I will never regret the decision to buy the piece. As far as I’m concerned, you have been given a great gift by Our Creator God and my husband and I are so blessed to have this painting.


Home Page

Tribute to Linda

After more than 3 decades in Florida, my husband and I recently retired. Ironically, we will not be spending our golden years in the Sunshine State, but are relocating to North Carolina to be closer to family. Leaving Florida is difficult, so we searched for an artist to render a memory we could cherish—not beaches and palms, but glowing sky, soft grass, and graceful hardwoods crowned with Spanish moss.

After much searching, we found ourselves climbing up the stairs to Linda Blondheim’s gallery. We gasped in unison when we reached the top. Before us was a 40×60 masterpiece of trees. We fell in love with the art and its warm and gracious creator. On the spot, over cups of freshly brewed coffee, we commissioned Linda to translate our dream onto canvass. We chose a color palette of soft green-grey and envisioned with Linda a lush meadow surrounding a copse of majestic trees under fluffy clouds tinged with pink.

From the first small concept painting, Linda involved us in her creation as partners. We felt like expectant parents as we tracked the progress and made minor tweaks. When we saw our “child” for the first time, we were breathless. Linda exceeded our expectations in every way. With her exquisite depth of color and subtle plays of sunlight, Linda perfectly captured the Florida we hold in our hearts.

Bravo, Linda!

Your friends and fans,

Carla and David Bare


I love receiving testimonials with photos of my collectors with their paintings…


Linda: The painting is stunning!  I am extremely pleased and very grateful for your dedication.  It is perfect and the colors are wonderful. You’re the best – 

-Dr Kathleen Shaw

Miami, Florida


Hi, Linda.  I’ve received my painting and just want to tell you how pleased I am! I had seen this little piece a while ago and loved it for its color, and now that I have it in hand I love it even more. It’s bright, cheery, and will remind me of the great landscape that we share.  Thanks! I’m delighted to be among your collectors! 

-JoAnn Sanborn

Marco Island FL


I love the trees Linda
you have a gift of always reflecting the majesty of nature!
Happy Holidays




Gracie and I had such a wonderful time at the Art Salon in your studio. We had never attended an event like that before, and I was not sure what to expect. It was a lovely afternoon of friendship and learning about the process of making art and collecting original art. And a yummy lunch to boot!I especially appreciate the insights you shared with Gracie about becoming an artist, and your encouragement of her as a young artist. It was invaluable for her to see that success requires not only passion for art but also willingness to work hard and cultivate entrepreneurial skills. We treasure the small floral paintings that Gracie chose after the salon, and they are a very special reminder of our afternoon in your studio.

Best regards,

-Liz and Gracie Brown

Newberry, FL


I adore Linda’s work because it evokes the places I love, how I feel standing in the woods or a field or along a river, when the cicadas are crescendoing or it’s thundering in the distance, or the air is so humid and thick it is as if I’m moving through something solid. The Florida sky with its amazing summer clouds. I’ve bought her paintings for young people who’ve grown up in North Florida but are moving out of town — recent college graduates heading out to the first real job, my son serving in the U.S. Coast Guard in Alaska — because Linda’s paintings help them remember their roots, our bioregion, “home.”

-Julie Garrett



Although our residence is in Kentucky, we have strong ties to the Evinston, Florida area. The painting we purchased from Linda is a wonderful vista of our favorite part of Florida and quickly became a treasured part of our collection. She beautifully captured the sweep of the land and sky; one can almost feel the breeze rippling across the wildflowers in the pasture. The only thing missing is the chirp of birds in the field. Her love of nature and Florida is evident in every stroke of her brush.

-Peter and Patsy Hollister




There’s a sweet, kind of nostalgic beauty for me about North Central FLorida, and you sure have a way of putting your finger right on it. Lovely.

-Robert Goldberg

Orlando, FL



My friend and collector Rick Knellinger.

I have been fortunate to have Linda spend considerable time and effort at Fair Oaks documenting the farm in gorgeous paintings which preserve for all time, the nurturing nature of a vanishing landscape. She wanders the fields finding views through which she captures the spirit of the farm and those who toil here.

-Rick Knellinger, Esquire

Evinston, FL


Linda’s paintings are beautiful. I have purchased numerous paintings from her studio and on line. I have never been disappointed.  Linda is delightful and quick to answer any inquiry.  I look forward to purchasing more of her gorgeous paintings in the future.

–Alison Whitney Talbert, Esquire

Gainesville FL


Testimonials give me insight in how to treat my collectors with great customer service…


As a new Florida resident, I wanted to decorate my home with art which would reflect the beauty of North Central Florida. I found just what I was looking for when I discovered the work of Linda Blondheim. Linda captures the beauty of the south in each painting and her love of the area shines through. Her landscape paintings serve to remind one of “the real Florida”. Linda will tell you that she considers it a privilege to paint this gorgeous scenery. I consider it a privilege to display her work in my home. Visiting Linda at her Gainesville studio allows you to meet the warm, genuine, and gracious person who creates these lovely works of art and helps you to appreciate them even more.

-Ann Urquhart

Ocala FL 


Jennifer Holds Her Study Commission.

graphite drawings

Harriet and Oliver Tate James

 To say I’m a collector of fine art is an understatement., but it does not speak to a voluminous collection, rather the spirit of the artists. I am drawn to a piece of art not for the beauty of the individual piece, alone, but for the story behind it. The artists I collect become friends and my latest acquisition is Linda Blondheim.
I have been in Florida for four years now and I am so blessed to have found Linda and her expressions of the true Florida landscapes. Her open heart and mind are so beautifully reflected in her paintings that I want to share that joy with others. I own three ‘Lindas’ and was thrilled to purchase one of her studies as a wedding present.
Thank you Linda for showing me the loving heart of Florida and sharing the gift of friendsh


– Jennifer James



Testimonials make my day brighter….


My wife and I have collected your work for 12 years. Your knowledge of the area and its hidden places is impressive and your passion to preserve those wonderful sights is expressed in every piece with every brushstroke. We have repeatedly found ourselves looking at your art work with thoughts of our legacy. We both grew up in Florida, we were raised as many Floridians, submerged in the waters, pine forests and oaks. We have seen some very amazing sights here. Walking for countless hours at the many outdoor art shows of the state we realize that its very hard to capture the colors and textures of the state. We also realize how unique your abilities are. Your work grabbed us the moment we first saw it and it holds us still today. That’s why we just bought yet another piece. And we have our eye on another. I really appreciate how we have always been treated like your dearest friends not patrons. We enjoy your seasonal parties and open houses, not just as an opportunity to see your newest works, but to spend time with you.

–Scott and Kathy, Slayden and Fiona McLeod

High Springs FL


Testimonials make me aware of how important my collectors are to my career….


I have been collecting Linda Blondheim’s work for more than 10 years. It just keeps getting better and better. She’s wonderful to work with and her work is amazing. It’s obvious that she loves what she’s doing.

  –  Kiki Courtelis

Paris KY



One of the things you do best, in my opinion, is create a sense of place in your paintings. The viewer can feel the atmosphere, smell the grass, and languish in the shade of the moss hung trees. Great work!

-Miki Willa

Washington State


Collectors Testimonials mean the world to me…..


Linda Blondheim is as true and natural as her paintings. As long as I have been collecting her beautiful art, she has never been pushy and wants you to truly be happy with your selections. Never have I had a problem returning if for some reason I changed my mind, which isn’t often with her work! I recently got home with a painting I loved and discovered I had one of Linda’s that was very similar. She let me return it and promptly refunded my check. What more could you ask from an artist?

-Mary Feiber

Gainesville, FL


Testimonials help me me learn to treat my collectors with great respect….


– Having grown up in North Florida, I’m well familiar with our environment’s rich and, unfortunately, threatened secrets: its lush, green horse farms; its granddaddy oaks and many palms so full of character; its pristine coasts and creeks (yes, there are still a few left.)

When I discovered Linda’s work, I felt like I’d come home – again. Perhaps I’m describing a re-experiencing of what home means to me. I immediately fell in love, and my first Paynes Prairie painting led to another, then another. I can’t describe how it feels to be able to see some of my favorite spots on my walls at home everyday, and what happens when I stare at Linda’s work and absorb not just the craftsmanship but the spirit of her scenes and the atmospheres she captures.

Linda’s cheerfulness, humor and generosity made me value her work and her gifts even more. She even made me want to pick up a paint brush again; her love for the creative process is that infectious.

-Sarah K. Carey

 Gainesville, FL


If I could paint, I would paint exactly these paintings, these love songs to Florida on canvas. I feel Linda sings for me.

Sudye Cauthen – author of “Southern Comforts: Rooted in a Florida Place”


Testimonials help new collectors to feel trust in me…..


I can hardly believe this, but the painting is in my hands! And it is so much more beautiful in person; wow! You described these little paintings as studies, but this looks complete/finished to me. I’m stopping at the framer tomorrow, but I may have to have it mounted, as I don’t want to cover up even a little bit of this gem.

-Barbara Carr

 Salisbury, NH




Linda Pottberg, one of my favorite collectors and friends.

I have admired Linda Blondheim’s paintings for years. I followed her blogs for several years as I was getting to the point in my life where I could make the time to learn to paint. I was very excited and inspired the day I went and introduced myself and got to see her work in person. I also found out about her classes. She is as wonderful a teacher and mentor as she is an artist. That is a very unusual combination of talents… plus she is an incredible chef and a very intelligent woman to boot!
-Linda Pottberg



Testimonials help me to get to know my collectors….


Hello Linda,
I absolutely love the painting! It arrived today and I put it right above my door 😀
Thank you so much, it is so beautiful!
-Caroline Straughan



Ann Cordell shows off her new painting at the annual studio cake party.

Hi, Linda—

I was in Paddiwhack one evening this week and was just overwhelmed by all of your beautiful paintings! If only I had a million dollars and a lot of wall space! I am lucky to have 4 of your paintings. Maybe one day I can add another.


-Ann C.

Gainesville, FL

Receiving testimonials from friends is especially nice…….

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