Vision Beyond Seeing

vision beyond seeing

Vision Beyond Seeing

Vision Beyond Seeing Notes

I wanted to muse on the issue of having vision beyond what I actually see when I paint a landscape. I think that is what makes a painting a painting rather than an illustration, at least for me. My paintings start out based on the elements and view I  see, whether it be from a photo reference or from life out in the field. There is something that attracts me to the scene initially. I may move things around in the composition but basically my painting idea comes from the scene.

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Vision Beyond Seeing

At some point in the painting, usually shortly after the block in, my inner view takes over completely. The view in front of me is no longer relevant to the painting process. The exception being animals, people or architecture, because I think a visual reference is important in those cases. For pure nature, the muse takes hold and I am thinking and processing design elements more than the view. The elements of design, armature, rebatment, my own personal style become stronger than the scene. That is why you can line up a dozen painters in front of a scene and have a dozen distinctively different paintings. Illustrators must be exacting in their designs, true to the subject before them, but painters have great freedom to sway from the realistic interpretation.

Vision Beyond Seeing

I always tell my students that the person who buys your painting will likely never see this view in person. Instead, they must see it through your eyes and your job is to make it look wonderful. The longer I paint, the more I realize that a good painting is no accident, but rather a deliberate step by step process.

There are dozens of forks in the road for each and every painting. I think about that a lot, wondering what would have happened if I had chosen the other direction during the process? How would the painting have evolved differently to the one I have completed? There are no maps for the process other than a solid knowledge of composing, design, color and values. There are many possibilities within that good structure of a painting. Many of the choices that an experienced painter makes could easily be changed and still work.

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Vision Beyond Seeing

One of the processes I enjoy the most is working in series. This allows me to make the many choices possible in working with a subject. For example, I do many orange tree paintings. As one sells, I can do the next in the series. I try to approach each one with new eyes, remembering the choices I made in the last and trying new choices in the next attempt. There is a continuity due to subject, but there is a wonderful change in doing each one. it might be in color palette, design change, or values, but as I am a painter, my own vision and signature come out in each one. Though the experiments are different, you see that the same painter has done them all.

Art is more than painting. It is vision beyond seeing as well.

More musings for artists and collectors to come….



Today’s Recipe:

Tomatoes are so wonderful. They are on the diet of many cultures around the world. Here in the South there is much “bragging rights” going on for tomato size, color and taste. Tomatoes have been the subject of many paintings because they are so beautiful with the green, yellow, pink and deep red colors different varieties produce. When my girls were young, I was a caterer. I had a garden with various vegetables for my catering jobs. I used to grow the lovely yellow tomatoes. I had a blue spatter ware bowl on the kitchen table and I always kept the yellow tomatoes in that bowl. They were a beautiful site each day.

Fried Green Tomatoes

4 to 6 green tomatoes
Pinch of dried basil
bacon grease, olive oil or vegetable oil

Slice the tomatoes Salt, basil and pepper them to taste. Dip in meal and fry in hot grease or oil about 3 minutes or until golden on bottom. Gently turn and fry the other side. Good with breakfast.

I also like grilled ripe tomato slice without meal. Dip them in oil and grill with salt pepper and basil. great as a side to eggs and bacon.

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