Warts and All

warts and all

Warts And All

Warts And All Notes

I want to remind my readers that this blog is my personal journal about my warts and all journey and life as an artist. I do consider my readers to be the most important part of this blog, but sometimes the blog is not pretty and bright. Sometimes it is dark and full of self doubt.

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Warts And All

I show the world my warts as well as my victories for a reason. I want artists who live with their own doubts to know they are not alone. We are all weak sometimes, especially me. The blog is my personal journal which I share with others. Sometimes it may not be what they want to read. I don’t have to live up to my readers expectations do I?, since it is my journal. Sometimes I must struggle with what might seem obvious and simple to someone else. I welcome all comments both positive and negative and don’t wish to live in a sanitized world, but understand that it’s my privilege as the writer of this journal, not to live up to your expectations ever.

Warts And All

Sometimes I will be bratty and self involved. Sometimes I will be clever and upbeat. It is all the real me. Please continue to comment whenever you wish to, but we may not always agree on what is best for me. I welcome all comments, and questions, always!!

Warts And All

Landscape Paintings

The thing is, it’s really ok to be afraid of things. It’s ok not to want to do things when we know we must. As long as we do what we must, it’s still ok not to want to, in our deepest souls. Somehow some have gotten this idea that we have to put up a facade that says to the world that we are brave, upbeat, full of self confidence, that we never allow criticism to hurt us, that we are super person. We must be oblivious to pain and doubt. We must let it roll off of us when we fail, having no fears about anything. If we show any kind of weakness, we have failed and are a disappointment to our friends. I believe those who struggle with demons and admit them, are far stronger than the fake people who won’t show fear and flaws.

Warts And All

I want to be remembered someday as an artist who had a real journey through life, full of triumphs and failures with everything in between. I don’t want to be remembered for my press releases, but for rather who I really was. I guess you could say I have enough self confidence to love myself even when I am afraid and low. I hope that is true for all artists. I don’t always do brilliant work. I don’t always agree with other artists. I am strong willed and opinionated about what is right and wrong.  None of that matters. Not be of us is perfect or wonderful all the time.

Warts And All

I’ve been through two and a half weeks of an RA flair up and it has been depressing. I realize that not being mobile has brought me low. Soon, I’ll be back to my manic self with more projects than I know what to do with, happy as can bee with my too busy schedule. Let’s all allow ourselves to be imperfect.

More musings for artists and collectors to come….


Today’s Recipe

Crab Quiche

1/2 c mayo
2 T flour
2 eggs beaten
1 c half and half
8 oz crab meat, canned or frozen and thawed
8 oz shredded cheddar cheese
1/4 onion finely diced
1 pie shell unbaked

Mix it all up and put in the pie shell. Bake for 45 minutes at 350.

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